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Sunset Strip

You know how each city has THOSE streets. Like the ones that are just embedded in your brain as the epitome of a city. The streets where you walk down them and you get the essence and vibe of everything that city is about in a few blocks. Paris has the Champs Elysses, New York has 5th Avenue, and LA (though we have quite a few...) one that sticks out is Sunset Blvd.  Something about Sunset- it's history, it's grittiness, and high energy mixed with these little pockets of total 70's throwback vibes on street corners. It was the perfect place for our next social shoot with our superstar photographer Ashlyn and mega British babe Coral! Check out what we created...

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Penny Lane Type of Vibes

An 8 AM call time & coffee was necessary.. It was another gorgeous day in LA in early October. And here we were trapped in our eternal summer. The rest of the world may have been trading in their shorts for long pants and tank tops for heavy jackets but we were breaking out the bikinis. The high for the day was 100 degrees... not quite denim weather. Which is why the early morning was a necessity. Not only did we want to catch some rad shots in that soft morning light, but we also wanted to beat the heat the the day ahead promised.  Luckily enough, our mini team of model babe Sydnie Marie Miller (@sydniemariemiller on insta) and...

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California Apparel News

When we were approached by California Apparel News (CAN) to be featured in their print and online publication we could not have been more excited! This publication is THE publication to turn to for reports on what is happening & on trend in the apparel industry. It is a holy grail for fashion lovers alike here in Los Angeles.  The CAN is also, "a front-runner in covering Los Angeles Fashion Week; supporting industry-specific organizations such as the California Fashion Association, Fashion Business Inc., and the Textile Association of Los Angeles; and sponsoring such events as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios and the L.A. Fashion Awards. The flagship California Apparel News reaches a select universe of decision-makers and influencers in...

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Revice Babe Close Up: Paige Jimenez

Ready for your close up? Here is mega babe Paige Jimenez showing some sass for photographer Mikel Rob in our Main Skinnies / Blue Sky Wash.  These dreamy blue jeans are meant to hug every curve of the body and accentuate that booty. The light wash and distressing make for a classic pair of denim that can be brought along to the beach or on a night out on the town. We adore the way Paige shows off the denim with her bubbly and vibrant personality.  I mean its hard not to smile when you've found those pair of jeans that fit "just right." Here at Revice we take pride in crafting denim that'll bring this kind of fun and...

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Details in Downtown

Detail by definition is an individual feature, fact, or item. Details are the characteristics and attributes that add to an individual, a design, an idea.  At Revice Denim, We believe that details, dainty or daring make for denim that'll last in the closets of all our customers. It's this attention to detail that makes us strive to keep paying close attention to what others don't or haven't yet explored. Our idea about denim is quite simple; details make the denim! We want women and men to feel empowered when dashing the streets of Downtown LA. So, us girls at Revice decided to ditch the office and shoot some detailed shots of our jeans. We are no professionals at photography but we'd like to say our jeans...

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