Details in Downtown

Detail by definition is an individual feature, fact, or item.
Details are the characteristics and attributes that add to an individual, a design, an idea. 
At Revice Denim, We believe that details, dainty or daring make for denim that'll last in the closets of all our customers. It's this attention to detail that makes us strive to keep paying close attention to what others don't or haven't yet explored.
Our idea about denim is quite simple; details make the denim!
We want women and men to feel empowered when dashing the streets of Downtown LA. So, us girls at Revice decided to ditch the office and shoot some detailed shots of our jeans.
We are no professionals at photography but we'd like to say our jeans look pretty damn good in these shots!
Needless to say, our denim speaks for itself; it pulls its own weight in a chaotic city such as, Downtown Los Angeles. 
That got us thinking that if we all applied this scope for peculiar details we'd appreciate the place for the small, overseen things in life. 
We'd like to challenge you to dive deeper into your surroundings instead of skimming over the details in life. It'll make for one reflective individual and one damn good denim lover ;)
with love

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