Revice Babe Close Up: Paige Jimenez

Ready for your close up?
Here is mega babe Paige Jimenez showing some sass for photographer Mikel Rob in our Main Skinnies / Blue Sky Wash. 
These dreamy blue jeans are meant to hug every curve of the body and accentuate that booty.
The light wash and distressing make for a classic pair of denim that can be brought along to the beach or on a night out on the town.
We adore the way Paige shows off the denim with her bubbly and vibrant personality. 
I mean its hard not to smile when you've found those pair of jeans that fit "just right."
Here at Revice we take pride in crafting denim that'll bring this kind of fun and vibrancy out of women. We want our customers to be exuding confidence with every pair of denim purchased. 
Don't settle for denim that is dull, because you are far from that; go out there and get yourself THE pair that'll bring fourth your confidence and vibrancy. 
With Love,
xoxo Revice