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Great denim takes time, precision – and most importantly— teamwork. At Revice, our team is composed of energetic and innovative individuals who put effort into every aspect of our production with one shared goal: to create an empowering space for affordable luxurious fashion. Our team relies heavily on a detail-oriented design process to consistently create striking pieces that not only feel but fit as amazingly as they look. We believe our consumers deserve to be just as confident purchasing the pieces as they do wearing them. About 70%-80% of our jeans are crafted from the highest quality of premium *sustainable dead-stock fabrics, Revice Denim is denim made to last. 
As a vertical brand, Revice preserves full control over the quality and price point of our products. Thus, we can produce luxury, high-end pieces while fostering an inclusive community as our denim is accessible to people of all ages. 
To uphold the legacy of denim in fashion, Revice’s design and manufacture are based in downtown Los Angeles. We consistently strive to revolutionize the denim industry by merging the sense of vintage with desirable modern designs.

Sustainable dead-stock fabric is a term used to describe fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste but is repurposed and used to create new products. This type of fabric is considered to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable because it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and helps to conserve resources. The term "dead-stock" refers to fabric left over from the fashion industry, such as unsold garments or fabric rolls that have been overproduced. By using this fabric, brands and designers can help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.