Have you ever wondered why it is that your favorite pair of jeans is the vintage pair you found scouring the thrift store? Wonder why the fit is on point? How is this denim that was made 40 years ago still high quality? 

These are the questions we asked ourselves on our trips to the vintage warehouses in LA. And yes this drove us to want to re-create & re-vise those styles.

All our jeans are hand-made from the highest quality denim. A comparable jean from other brands will cost you $200 - $400.

Hand-Made Premium Jeans Under $100! How Do We Do It?

We saw that the denim industry was quickly becoming disposable. Fast fashion brands and department stores were ruining the quality and careful creation process of denim. This is causing brands to compromise quality for the sake of the current trend, and raise the cost of sale to make a better buck. 

At Revice Denim, we decided that instead of following the mainstream, we wanted to reinstate transparency into the fashion industry. We do this by selling directly to our consumer. By selling direct, we are refusing to cut down the premium quality, rejecting the middleman and retail markup, and, instead, selling at wholesale prices. 

We do not spend all our money on marketing. A traditional clothing company spends a large portion of their revenue on TV commercials, Magazine Ads, Runway Shows, and Celebrity sponsorships. At REVICE DENIM we only advertise where our buyer’s shop: “ONLINE”. And we don’t pay money for Celebrities to wear our jeans. They wear them, because they love them!

We’re a brand created by denim lovers, for denim lovers. Our jeans go through a rigorous fitting process, never leaving the confines of our office until the fit is exactly right. We are a brand that values quality over massive quantities, producing small runs of each style, giving our customers a chance to purchase limited edition jeans at prices they love.

Finally, the vision for our design is simple; to revive that cool, sexy, all American individual. We are recreating the vintage denim silhouettes and bringing them into the modern day. We are after a look, a feeling, and funkiness that denim of that time once held & operating to revive the soul of a generation that cherished a damn good pair of jeans.