Penny Lane Type of Vibes

An 8 AM call time & coffee was necessary.. It was another gorgeous day in LA in early October. And here we were trapped in our eternal summer. The rest of the world may have been trading in their shorts for long pants and tank tops for heavy jackets but we were breaking out the bikinis. The high for the day was 100 degrees... not quite denim weather. Which is why the early morning was a necessity. Not only did we want to catch some rad shots in that soft morning light, but we also wanted to beat the heat the the day ahead promised. 
Luckily enough, our mini team of model babe Sydnie Marie Miller (@sydniemariemiller on insta) and photographer wonder Ashlyn Kudransky (@ashsky on instagram and ) had zero problem with the early assembly. Those three venti dark drips did just the trick to spur us along. 
Previous to the shoot Ashlyn and I did some creative planning. We knew two things- we wanted to capture the eternal summer type of vibe LA was dishing out to us merged with a soft transition into the fall feels we had around the corner. On top of that we wanted that 70's vintage canyon feeling we felt really complimented the Fringe Crops and Lace Up Angel Bells. Hence the location of choice; Laurel Canyon.
Nestled against the shade of the trees, we found the most perfect little neighborhood at the base of the canyon that would lend to just the shots we wanted to create. With Sydnie's Ex-dancer physique and ability to move the need for direction was thrown out the window. She danced amongst the shadows and Ashlyn snapped away and boom magic happened. What more could be said? 
Creating with these two was wonderful. Oh and the Penny Lane vibes- totally came from Syndie's naturally curly hair. We made the connection first thing that morning and it just kind of stuck. 
Hope you babes enjoy :)

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