How It's Made: Woodstock Flares / Coffee Shop

We're not fast fashion.

Did you know all our jeans are handmade? A lot of love goes into each pair of denim! We are not a fast-fashion brand, we pride ourselves at Revice Denim in making high quality, long-lasting pieces. Jeans that will last lifetimes to come, tomorrow's vintage! 

Take a look at the process of how we make the Woodstock Flares / Coffee Shop. Our classic Woodstock Flares now in brown hues, we're obsessed. As you will see in the video below, is the process of just making ONE pair of our pants. All of our styles go through a rigorous process of fitting, design, and creation before shipping out to our customers. If your order ever has a production delay, this is most likely why! Since everything is completed by hand, delays can often occur, because of course, we're only human. We can promise you our denim is worth the wait and you won't be disappointed. 

Watch now for the entire sewing process, start to finish of the Woodstock Flares/ Coffee Shop.
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Stay tuned for videos, behind the scenes, + more of how your favorite Revice Denim styles are made! 
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