The New Clint Eastwood

No no silly! Not THAT Clint Eastwood. We're talking the about the Clint Eastwood that has been flooding your Instagram feed with pictures of all the hottest models, influencers, and creatives. And let me tell you guys, he made magic happen. 
We've been fans of Clint for a long time now, and it wasn't until we had the opportunity to work together that we discovered Clint has been a long time fan of Revice too. The collaboration chemistry clicked immediately and we got rolling planning a shoot with two Revice babes you'll be heads over heels for. 
For now, we'll give you a sneak peak into the world of Clint Eastwood x Revice Denim with his first shot with Cameron Rorrison. You'll just have to check back later to find out who babe #2 was. 
For this shoot Cameron is rocking our Lolita Crops and Lolita Shorts in Galaxy Wash. 
Cameron is rocking our Lolita Crops / Galaxy Wash. Both the crops and shorts have a high waisted rise to flatter your natural waist and emphasize your curves. The two tones of denim give both these shorts and crops a special look and funky flare to your average denim design. Details are not to be missed on either of these styles with their raw edge hems and shadow pockets. 
Cameron also dawns our ever famous Dream Fit denim in Baby Vintage Wash. This pair is the lighter wash of the three in the Dream Fit family, giving a nod to a modern spin on classic vintage denim. Slight destruction on the front of these jeans gives them that beat up and worn in feel without taking it too far.  Our Dream Fits were constructed to be just that- a dream fit. They will hug you in all the right places and keep that booty tight and lifted- no squats necessary ;)

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