Behind The Babes in Space Collection

In a world where baby blue jeans are the norm a new and refreshing take on denim was created.
At Revice we're consistently pushing the boundaries; playing with different cuts, washes, and distresses to give you jeans that are far from ordinary. It wasn't until one Monday when we were all in office brainstorming new ideas for our next big collection we had an ah ha moment. We saw an opportunity to craft a collection of vintage denim inspired by the uniqueness and exclusivity of space. 
The Babes in Space Collection was then born.
So one might ask how can space and denim relate?
There's only one answer... THE VENUS FLARES
These pair of finely crafted denim are one hot meteor from space. The Venus Flares are the star of the show; these jeans are made with premium fabric and showcase a hand stitched star design. This detail is one that'll sure showcase that booty and highlight your waist. 
Alongside the Babes in Space collection of unordinary denim we designed graphics that pair perfectly with the sexy spacey vibe of our vintage denim. Tee's like the Space Kitty are as soft as a cloud up in space. The idea behind the t-shirts for this collection were to keep that worn in vintage vibe with our washes and distressing but, highlight the futuristic and fun vibe of outer space with graphics. 
So, are you ready to explore a world unlike anything before?
Jump through our New Arrivals; it's definitely worth a click into a world of denim and tees that are anything but ordinary.

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