All our jeans are hand-made from the highest quality denim. A comparable jean from other brands will cost you $200 - $400.

Hand-Made Premium Jeans Under $100! How Do We Do It?

So, this is How:

Revice Denim is a Direct to Consumer Denim Company. We design, cut, sew and sell directly to our customers.

We do not sell to stores, so we can pass the saving to you! You basically get our jeans for the same price as what stores would pay us.

We do not spend all our money on marketing. A traditional clothing company spends a large portion of their revenue on TV commercials, Magazine Ads, Runway Shows, and Celebrity sponsorships. At REVICE DNIM we only advertise where our buyer’s shop: “ONLINE”. And we don’t pay money for Celebrities to wear our jeans. They wear them, because they love them!

Seen on the following Celebrities:

Kendall Jenner in our Venus Flares 
Miley Cyrus in our Ziggy Jacket
Bella Thorne in our Venus Flares
Country Star Alexandria Corn
Miley Cyrus in our Imagine Crops
Madison Beer in our Venus Flares
Danielle Bernstein in our Venus Crops
Troian Bellisario in our Ms. Robinson
Rocky Barnes in our Boogie Bells
Supermodel Juli Herz in our Venus Flares
And many more…

What are you doing here wasting your time reading? Get Your REVICE JEANS Now!